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I have the same problem and have discovered that it appears to be a mismatch
between the date format used in the Autofilter and the format you use in the
date column of your spreadsheet. This bug has been introduced in version 5.2.6,
it was working fine before.

I found this out - and in the process found a temporary workaround - by
selecting 'Standard filter...' from the dropdown box created by Autofilter on
the date column I want to filter on.

The dates in this column of my spreadsheet are in DD/MM/YY format e.g. 19/03/17

However, when I click on 'Standard filter...' option, the resulting dialogue
box displays 3 fields across the top - Field Name, Condition and Value. The
'Value' field contains the date in YYYY-MM-DD format e.g. 2017-03-19. When I
select the date from this field, the autofilter works and displays all dates
containing 19/03/17.

So - in my case anyway - the autofilter is using YYYY-MM-DD date format, whilst
my date values in the spreadsheet are in DD/MM/YY format; hence there is a
mismatch and that is why the autofilter is not working.

To get round this, you can either use the Standard filter function as described
above, or you can reformat your date column into YYYY-MM-DD format (or
whichever format is being used in your Standard filter option) and then use
Autofilter as normal.

Not ideal, but it's a workaround. It's a bug that definitely needs fixing. I've
tried altering language and date settings in Preferences but to no avail.

Hope this helps.


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