--- Comment #2 from Nadav Har'El <> ---
I an easy way to reproduce this bug 100% of the time:

1. open a new empty writer document
2. mark the current paragraph as RTL (Format->Paragraph, Alignment, Text
direction->right to left).
3. Write something. Even just "hello" in English. You'll see it on the right
side, as expected.
4. Use the "shift write-arrow" key several times to select the entire word
5. Now press the "control" key (as if preparing to control-C - but just press
"control" and nothing else).
6. As soon as you pressed the "control" key (it even need to depress it, it
happens as soon as you press) the directionality of the paragraph "flips" to
LTR, and the word "hello" jumps to the left.

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