--- Comment #13 from Malte O <> ---
(In reply to Stephan Bergmann from comment #11) 
> Did you actually find ooSetupInstCompleted being set to true in one of the
> xcd files (in contrast to being set in registrymodifications.xcu)?

No, I didn't find it. I recognized it by trying to customize the office (I
wrote an additional xcd-File). And if I install the office and set
ooSetupInstCompleted to true before starting the first time, the error message
appears, when opening a document.

(In reply to Stephan Bergmann from comment #12) 
> How do you know that installation is not yet completed?  How did you install
> LO?  What abnormal behavior did you observe/what failures happened?  Which
> files exactly are missing from the user profile?

In an additional xcd-File I added "ooSetupInstCompleted" with true (with
<dependency file="main" /> in the added xcd-File). Apart from that, I didn't
change anything. I install the office in the normal way and after that copy the
additional xcd-File into the "share/registry" folder for my own customizing. By
starting office the first time the user profile only has the folders
"extensions", "uno_packages" and the file "registrymodifiacations.xcu". The
"basic" folder and some other folders (for example "autocorr", "autotext",
"config", "database"...) are missing. So if I click to open a document, the
error message appears, because the basic files are the first files, that are
missing, I think.

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