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Oh nice; so we need to create a new method in sal/ that allows us to detect how
much free space there is available at a given path I guess; Stephan is a great
guy to give a code-pointer for that and an API name recommendation (we're very
careful about sal/ API changes). We'll also want no-op implementations for
windows / Mac to start with too.

Then of course you'll want to use that method inside
sfx2/source/doc/sfxbasemodel.cxx - search for impl_store for a good place for
that - to throw up a warning dialog for low disk-space scenarios.

I'd also love to see a low priority, very idle handler every 30 seconds or so
that looks at the temporary directory we store our images, stuff in to check we
have enough /tmp space to function reliably - ideally checking at startup too
for this. But lets get the method in sal/ sorted out first.

Thanks =)

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