Bug ID: 111400
           Summary: Space between paragraphs and letters different in
                    paragraph between OOXML and ODT (MS Word
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: release
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Writer

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Last week, we have received a quite complete and concrete bug report via a
direct message on the French LibreOffice account on Twitter.

A student leading extra courses for students having difficulties in a medical
faculty in France is recommanding MS Office (free for students because of a
partnership between Microsoft and university) because there are small
differences between text imported in LibreOffice. A mention to LibreOffice is
absent from the official brochure and mail delivered to new students, because
of issues described hereafter.

The student's assistants cannot afford spending time in printing issues when a
student decides to print the document either using MS Office or LibreOffice.
Indeed, sometimes, there are page breaks and this is quite annoying when an
assistant says 'take page 20' and for students using LibreOffice, this is on
page 21 for example. The problem tends to appear more aften as the document
gets longer (1px is not important between 2 paragraphs, but when it is being
added to the previous paragraph, after some pages, this 1px easily leads to a
100px difference).

The test has been performed in this following manner: an OOXML document opened
in Office 365 (thus corresponding to the 2016 version) and LibreOffice 5.4 on
Windows. The document has been exported from both office suites as PDF exports,
then exported as images. Images have been put in superposition: the Office
export on the LibreOffice one (the LibreOffice export is in gray, while the
Office export is in black). The test documents have been provided as
attachments to this bug report.

Screenshots on the rendered document (without PDF exports) will be provided
soon by the user who reported this issue to us.

The users expressed the following remarks:

- The same font has rendering differences between office suites, while they
have been manually installed on both sides. The brochures/emails sent to
students are specifying this wrt. the font: they must be installed on the
computer to have no rendering changes if the font is, for some reason, not
available on the computer of the office suite.

- There are space issues in borders and in underlines, but this does not lead
to paragraph differences nor to page breaks.

- The justify algorithm is different from Office to LibreOffice potentially
leading to paragraph breaks and thus page breaks.

- The space between paragraph, while specified in the same units in Office and
LibreOffice appears in a different manner on LibreOffice.

- The tables of content are not concerned by these issues: space between
paragraphs and indexes seems to be correct.

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