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> I am new to LO. Just want to ask if this issue is still open, and how to get
> started to solve this bug.

Hey Ekansh,

The aim of this ticket is to create tests for all of the Calc spreadsheet
functions. As of now, the tests for each Calc spreadsheet function is put in a
fods file which is created with Calc itself(no C++ coding involved).
For examples of how to create these files, see the fods documents in
sc/qa/unit/data/functions/<category>/ which asserts the results of spreadsheet
function for different test inputs. For example,
sc/qa/unit/data/functions/statistical/var.fods tests the spreadsheet function

Each of these fods document consists of at least two sheets. 

1. Sheet2 contains a column of function evaluation at test points, a column of
corresponding expected values, another column(with boolean values) that checks
if computed and expected values are close enough.

2. Sheet1 contains a summary of results in Sheet2, with a single boolean value
in cell "B3" that shows whether _any_ of the tests in Sheet2 failed or not. The
unit testing framework for checking the fods files will check the value of
Sheet1.B3 and complain if not TRUE.

If you have any questions, you can either ask here or in the irc channel

Thanks !

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