--- Comment #65 from John L. ten Wolde <> ---
Several days ago I upgraded to Mageia 6 which switched me from KDE4 to Plasma 5
and, while I was at it, I also pulled in LibreOffice Fresh  *Finally*
I can use LO with full sub-pixel rendering enabled.  I no longer see corruption
in Writer or the Help browser (I haven't checked the other components yet). 
Whether this is because of a fix in LO or it's because of the switch to Plasma
5, I have no idea.

It's been a long 4 to 5 years of living with this headache, but for the moment
it WORKSFORME.  Hopefully the fix was in LO and the issue is resolved for the
rest of you as well.  Maybe we can finally put this bug to bed.

OpenGL is still a colossal train wreck though...

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