--- Comment #16 from Stephan van den Akker <> ---
I can reproduce also in Impress in a new master build:

Build ID: c0998d9481cd57560a4d549d760f0be9da510306
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 4.4; UI render: default; VCL: kde4; 
Locale: en-GB (en_GB.UTF-8); Calc: group

Two imported PDF's become invisible on screen after approx. 10 minutes.

An imported PNG image in the same document is still visible after approx. 1

All images are still present under Pictures/*.png in the ODP file saved after
the PDF images have become invisible on the screen. 

Opening the saved ODP file seems to solve the problem. The images don't become
invisible anymore. In this regard LOdev seems behave different from the
behaviour described in the OP.

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