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Volga suggests that the problem is with the font Bukyvede. However, if I
understand Volga correctly, ҇ does not combine with ⷮ above a third letter in
the font Ponomar or  presumably, in any other Slavic font the contains the
combining characters. This would mean that the bug is shared by all such Slavic
fonts. The problem with this response is that the characters combined perfectly
well in OfficeLibre 5, and even in old versions of Microsoft Word. It appears
that some "improvement" in OfficeLibre has, as a side effect, prevented the
combination from working in any font. I would guess that the "improvement" was
intended to prevent large stacks of letters from overlapping with the line
above the stacks. Perhaps the "improvement" is even recommended in some
technical UNIX document. This does not mean that the result is not a bug, since
it ruins the functionality of a large group of fonts that have been functional
(with updates) for decades.

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