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--- Comment #2 from Regina Henschel <> ---
The transformation does not evaluate the attribute
"text:list-level-position-and-space-mode". In current versions of LibreOffice
it has the value "label-alignment" and only when saving in ODF1.1 you get the
value "label-width-and-position". The transformation assumes the latter, old
kind one. If you use the old kind, then the transformation sets correct
distance values.

Because the attribute is not evaluated, the element
<style:list-level-label-alignment> is not evaluated too. It does not exists for
old kind of list numbering. Therefore the transformation does not know, that a
space or tab is requested.

As temporarily workaround till the transformation is extended to recognize this
attribute, it is possible to always add a space after the last digit of the
label numbers. That is in line #1403 in file,
see attached diff-file. You can change the file body.xsl in your installation
in share/xslt/export/xhtml without the need to compile entire LibreOffice. The
diff will likely not apply because of line breaks, but entering &#160; manually
should be no problem.

If you need the export to xhtml immediately and do not want to correct the
xhtml-result manually, then you should use the old kind of numbering. If you
have saved such numbering once by the button "Format" in the Outline Numbering
dialog from an ODF1.1 document, it will be available for ODF 1.2 documents via
button "Format".

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