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(In reply to Jacques Guilleron from comment #2)
> Hi Dimitri,
> Should be renamed as Duplicate of
> Bug 92616 - PIVOTTABLE: Grouped Column Fields problems including with drill
> to details.
> Do you have a particular reason to report it separately?

Hi Jacques,

Bug 92616 describes 4 issues. If you think about a duplicate of the fourth
issue, please note that the author refers to a group loss after renaming it.

Here, I am talking about a problem with undo manager and group name.

In fact, steps to reproduce this bug (111511) occur group loss. Just refresh
the pivot table after each group renaming.

Basically, if you rename your group with name N and undo it, your group name is
now N - 1.
Rename it to N and an "Invalid name" window appears.


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