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> Gabor Kelemen, what is your document root? Was it, as requested by the
> dialog box, the source/ file?

I think so. Now I see: 
gabor@dome:~/.config/libreoffice/4/user$ head config/helpauthoring.cfg

so the helpcontent2/source/ directory is set. The built in help of the
extension says:

When working on core help files, i.e. the ones inside the helpcontent2 module,
the document root must be set to the helpcontent2/source directory. For
example, /cws/so-cwsserv01/hcshared99/DEV300/ooo.m99/helpcontent2/source.

Then a freshly generated source file has this: 

hd_id201708091807258191<LINK href="text/shared/01/test4.xhp">Foobar test</LINK>

Which is wrong. 

Also if I remove the helpauthoring.cfg file, I get a warning window saying:

"The Document Root is not set.

You will be asked to set it in the following dialog.  It is the directory
'source/' in the LibreOffice 'help' git repository.

You need to set it only once, then it is remembered in the configuration. You
can change it later using Help Authoring -> Set Document Root..."

So I understand I should browse to the helpcontent2/source directory. 

However, if I set the document root to the helpcontent2 directory, like this:
gabor@dome:~/.config/libreoffice/4/user$ head config/helpauthoring.cfg 

Then the generated file will have

This should work!
So I think the error is that the warning dialog and help text gives bad advice.

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