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(In reply to Tomaz Vajngerl from comment #18)
> (In reply to Julien Nabet from comment #16)
> > Because the initial action here is to delete at least one cell not the pivot
> > table.
> > What message do you suggest?
> The context menu with the "delete" is already for the whole pivot table. By
> the time you get this message it should be already established that the
> action is for the whole pivot table not a cell action, no matter where they
> right-clicked.
I retested it to see again the popup.
There are indeed 2 groups separated by a separator:
- Cut, Copy and Paste
- Edit Layout..., Refresh, Filter... and Delete

First group concerns 1 or n cells.
The second group can be understood as "pivot table action" since "Edit
Layout..." can't apply to anything else.

So I understand better why you and other people consider that Delete concerns
implicitely the whole pivot table.

If we start with this basis, we could indeed simplify the message into this:
"Deleting the pivot table will also remove any associated pivot charts.\nDo you
want to proceed?"

Is it better?

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