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One more comment on the example "5-13-14" from my original report more than two
years ago:

In a locale (say English (USA)) "recognising" "5-12-14" as meaning 2014-05-12
input of "5-13-14" MUST be interpreted as 2014-05-13. in fact this input is NOT
recognised as a date at all but taken as text. The askbot question I mentioned
in the original report was caused by this behaviour under English (USA) locale
which is clearly a bug at least in the sense of being intolerably illogical. 

In a locale (say English (UK)) "recognising" "5-12-14" as meaning 2014-12-05 an
input of "5-13-14" MUST NOT be accepted as text, but must result in an error
message. There is no justification to regard the one input as a date and the
other one as a text without notice. Inputters are fallible!

I just tested the askbot case again setting my LibO V5.4.0.3 to English (USA)
locale (under English (UK) user interface). 

I would suggest to not leave it at "Happy to leave this open for now, see if
there is further comment." This is further comment - and I am not affected nor
aggrieved personally.

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