--- Comment #3 from Ulrich Gemkow <> ---
Further investigation shows that this is a problem with an old LO document
opened in a new LO release:

The attached document was created with a older LO release which had not yet
separated the list styles from the "Styles and Formatting" list of styles. For
this document the list format was modified in the paragraph styles with the old
LO release.

When editing the old document in the current LO release the changing of the
paragraph "auto-assigns" the list style to the paragraph and this style is
different from the old modified list style.

When opening the attached document in the current LO release you see that the
list styles are in both lists.

I cannot judge what would be the correct behaviour. IMHO it would be correct to
copy the "old" list styles to the new ones when opening an old document to be
backward compatible. Or is the current behaviour intended?

[Unfortunately I cannot determine which old LO release was the creator of the
document, the document was changed several times with different LO releases]

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