--- Comment #11 from Edmund Laugasson <> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #10)
> Comments are clear, and there is not much agreement to a fully implemented
> solution in this thread. But you can surely do such a automatic disclaimer
> with a macro. That would be be a really cool extension.

Do not have programming skills. Does not much matter whether it will be a macro
or just one setting - it would be beneficial feature especially for LibreOffice
community. Why companies may advertise Adobe and send spam (if you call it so)
and actually same companies (and any other people as well) using TDF's
LibreOffice may not?

This would help people understand, that ODF files are not just weird files that
do not open and to avoid using MS Office (MSO) opening ODF and then make people
guess that ODF does not work well while MSO does not show ODF properly. If
people just would know and use proper software for ODF like LibreOffice then it
would be good awareness raising opportunity also for TDF.

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