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(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #7)
> Sorry, but this is *NOT* a bug as supporting "this or that" OS X Cocoa
> NSObject widget implements by Apple requires development effort beyond the
> core cross platform code in LibreOffice.

No, I would define this as standard functionality expected by users of the
platform.  Key to OSX and macos is usability, which also happens to be one of
the guiding arguments to install LibreOffice in the first place because it has
a more stable UI.

> Yes, support for the OS X added by Apple at 10.7 (Lion) is
> a reasonable enhancement that requires a developer with interest in native
> OS X Cocoa widgets to take an interest.
> It is already an "OS X Shine and glow" meta.

Does this mean there already is a possibility to enable this functionality for
macos but you omit this deliberately?

> Until then, the LibreOffice Special Character dialog supports this use
> requirement, and its capabilities are being actively improved.

With all due respect, that "support" could do with a lot of improvement for
anyone who has to use this functionality for more than once in a day so I would
welcome an update on what improvements are underway.  It's not like this bug
has only been outstanding for a few days.

Anyone who works in more languages than just English needs this.  Improvements
which macos already provides but maybe it would be better to replicate this
approach so all platforms can enjoy it.  In that case, it also needs to be as
optional as it is for macos - I would not allege Apple's approach to be perfect
either (as it swaps key repeat for selected keys with accent functionality) but
it's a factor better than the current functionality in LO.

For the moment, it means that people who write more than occasionally in
non-English languages are not served well in LibreOffice, a fact also
illustrated by the update process that is sufficiently non-trivial for those
who have the temerity not to speak American (as opposed to English) to
disqualify it for serious end user deployment (and yes, I'll file a bug for
that in a minute).

> will never be as seamless as PressAndHold may be for OS X users, but until a
> developer takes on this enhancement it is what is available cross platform.

Isn't there a conditional in the compiler so you can tell it to use this input
function when compiling for macos?  It's not just that LibreOffice
functionality isn't as useful, it means that on macos, the use LibreOffice
effectively reduces functionality that users expect and that does not help
deployment in multi-lingual environments.  

It's OK if you have, for instance, LO in a language of the country itself
because keyboards typically support all accents directly - a classic example of
that is the Swiss keyboard that has to support several languages at once and is
thus a pain to use for programming, or the French who use AZERTY (which always
takes me a few minutes to get used to), but users who operate in English and
have an English keyboard - well, they're stuck.  Not just in macos.

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