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I'm not sure if the answer is bundling the 5 most prevalent languages as it
increases the volume of the application (I was already surprised by finding
dictionaries for every language on the planet packaged, I  need to see if
there's a way to strip out the ones I really don't need), but one thing should
really change: the need to manually set the interface language in the LO
settings after a language interface pack has been installed.  I am uncertain if
this should be a separate bug but it's the same process that may need

The current "core + language pack" approach turns any non-American* install of
LO into a non-trivial, multi stage affair as the end user first has to install
LO, then install another package, next has to root out where the interface
settings are (in an LO that at that point does not operate in their native
language) and finally switch to the desired language.  

That's an issue for two reasons: 1. For the average end users, this is a bridge
too far.  It gets LibreOffice labelled as 'complicated" compared to other
products which is problematic for adoption.  2. It makes business deployment
nigh impossible - try doing this in volume.  Optionally there's a 3rd point: it
makes upgrading a pain too.

Assuming the need to start up LO once before a langpack is installed is fixed,
the easiest way to fix this would be for the langpack to have an option "set LO
interface language to xx" and enable this by default.  So, if I were to install
in German, the langpack would show a screen in German (or maybe both English
and German to keep it universal) and a tickbox already ticked that states "set
LO default interface to Deutsch/German".  It still means you have two stages in
install (LO + langpack) but it omits the third stage where you have to dig out
where the language settings are hiding and do the very thing you'd install a
language pack for in the first place.  

Alternatively, maybe make *langpacks* run the actual install process, because
that also allows you to get an installation in the user's language without
increasing the size of the installer itself with all the languages, makes it
more focused.  Just an idea, but I'd leave American/English then as a second
option for the poor tech who has to install LO in Swahili and doesn't speak the
language :).

* non-American: you even have to go through this to make it speak UK English :/

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