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The problem is condition for component
"ucrtbase.dll_system_x86.E281B893_10D7_34CE_BB0E_B69D88E154A5", which is

((VersionNT = 501) OR (VersionNT = 502)) AND (VC_REDIST=1)

This is only true for WinXP systems. So, I assume that the problem is only with
Vista+ systems that have no Universal C Runtime preinstalled (up to Windows
10?). Changing the condition to simple


allows me to install and run LibreOffice on the above-mentioned test system.

Searching for "VersionNT" over repository doesn't give any similar results, I
assume that this comes from merge module itself.

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 download page references
KB 2999226 [1], which tells about different Universal C Runtime packages for
different Windows versions. This makes me think that there might be different
merge modules for different Windows versions, that we might need to include
into installer, each one with its own VersionNT condition. I am not sure that
simply forcing the WinXP version (that we bundle now) to install on any Vista+
is a proper solution.


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