--- Comment #10 from Bastián Díaz <> ---
(In reply to Szymon Kłos from comment #9)
> So issue is: "Adding a watermark moves the document content down" not
> "Adding a watermark automatically adds a page header". I can confirm that.

Yeah, a common user doesn't know the relationship between the header and the
watermark. Moving the content below is a consequence of inserting a header into

You are free to change the title of the report.

> "When you try to erase the page header, the watermark is also deleted." - I
> see that in MS Office when watermark is inserted then removing the header is
> impossible(only content is deleted). This should be a separate bug report, I
> think.

Ok, although it seems a bigger UX problem because of how LO handles
headers/footers compared to other applications. On the other hand I also
noticed that there is no intuitive way to erase the watermark (deleting content
doesn't delete the header).


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