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> > From the UX perspective there is nothing to say against a checkbox next to
> > reverse order, disabled when the printer is not capable of duplex.
> Sure - but I would say the interesting part is to read the printer drivers
> capabilities. To an extend that it's a far reach for LibreOffice.
> Looking at a generic Windows print dialog (2012,
> aspx) there is no duplex too.

We use LibreOffice  even if the competition is so high,  the reason no because
its free but because people gathered all around and build something really
amazing, they did an office suite and they did it amazingly good, we support
and we try to spread the use of this amazing creation that in our opinion must
be promoted more and more.   

The need of this option in the main printing dialog is important and we know
that people will try their best to make it, comparing libreoffice printing
dialog   with the printing dialog from other product its ok just we want to see
liblreoffice beyond that . We dont believe  that because the  other office
solution doesnt have it that liblreoffice must do the same. 

 we believe libreoffice must be much more perfect and by adding such options
"in our discussion the option to have a checkbox to double side print from the
main dialog window"
  makes it so much attractive for so many users and companies, we need to know
that we can have a tool that can replace the tools that we in printing industry
use,we really want and try to use libreoffice alot and especially the double 
side printing option is us everybody know a must have in printing industry...   

and ofcourse for us too its very important  to be in the main printing
dialog,for many reasons,   maybe this is our priority and for some other not
but this is the amazing with this excellent creation , you can say your mind,
you can ask if you can have this or that, and many times it will be
implemented!  thats why we prefer this "free" office suite,  created by people
that need to be congratulated  for that,  and we try to avoid the other "paid"
solutions that many thing that are by far more good...    because we know we
will take no opinions... no option to suggest this or that and no way to make
it "work" for us, i thing this is really important...    

sorry for the long text....  

Thank you

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