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(In reply to Noel Grandin from comment #7)
> (In reply to Julien Nabet from comment #6)
> > Since 2147500084 > 2 power 31, the number is converted in negative.
> Yeah, thats fine, that is the way it has always been, we convert backwards
> and forwards but the bitpattern stays the same.
Ok, I saw afterwards that negative values were dealt.

> Perhaps you could convert that OSL_FAIL in errinf.cxx to
>   SAL_WARN( "vcl", "Error not handled " << pInfo->GetErrorCode());
> ?
> and see what error is being ignored?
Here's the trace:
warn:vcl:13639:1:vcl/source/window/errinf.cxx:177: Error not handled 2147500084
this info + bt (frame 6 sfx2/source/doc/docmacromode.cxx:94), it seems to be

I submitted a patch to review here:

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