Bug ID: 111743
           Summary: Writer cannot have different zoom in document new
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: release
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: medium
         Component: Writer

I report two problems with zoom when I select a new window on the current
document, in LibreOffice x64 Writer on Windows 10.

Steps to Reproduce:
So, if I select Window > New Window, to get a different view of the document I
am working on:

(1) I cannot set a different zoom for that new window. Whatever zoom I select,
applies to both windows. This is not how Microsoft Word 2016 behaves.

(2) Moreover, if the zoom is less than Fit width on the second window, the
document page is aligned to the left of the screen, instead of being centered,
as in the original window.

Incidentally, the option to open a new window of the current document is grayed
out when working on a web document.

Actual Results:  
This zoom behavior is annoying.

Being able to set different zooms for different windows of the current
document, would help me work on one section of a document (fit width) while
having a different section of the document open in another window, with two
pages displaying side by side (which is not a problem in Microsoft Word 2016).

Expected Results:
I should be able to set different zoom levels for different windows of the same

Moreover, zooming on a single page should display the page in the center of the
screen no matter which window we are at.

Finally, the issue to open a new window of the current document should be
available with a web document as well.

Reproducible: Always

User Profile Reset: No

Additional Info:

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