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I also miss frequently the Oxygen Icon Theme in LO.
I see no reason for deleting something. You guys ship an (unpacked) software
package of about 260MB and you must delete an icon theme? And then you replace
it by 2! horrible breeze themes? This is not understandable.
It tooks me hurs to get rid of Breeze looking and feeling things on KDE and
then came LO 5.4 with breeze and breeze dark. Grrr...
Please let users decide what they want. Not everyone participates in survey's.

@Heiko Tietze
The issue is: You guy"s are doing a lot for nothing and give us software for
free. So why spending soo much time in deleting something? Just do KAIZEN.
Improving things step by step in SMALL Steps. In Lean Production an important

@ Yousuf Philips (jay) 2017-08-03 13:17:20 UTC

>The survey didnt show that any Mac users used Oxygen. 16 users on Linux/KDE, 3 
>>users on Linux/Other and 4 users on Windows. What i said on telegram

I didn't participate in this survey because I didn't aware of it. So I'm the
forth user who uses Oxygen on Linux and on Windows.
I know in China at least 10 Colleagues of mine who use Oxygen on Windows as
On Wikipedia:
>The Document Foundation estimated in September 2011, that there were 10 
>million users worldwide who had obtained LibreOffice via downloads or CD-ROMs.<
Did you ask them all?
Forget your survey.
Don't delete soo much. It takes too much time for you who are doing actually a
great job.

Thanks to you for LO!

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