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No, really, it would be a weird flow...

Say you are building a diagram and you have like 5-7 different types of blocks
and that altogether your diagram will include 30-100 blocks. The usual flow is
to take them off a gallery and align them to the grid (because objects cannot
be taken out of the gallery ready aligned to the grid) to then move them off
the work area. Then you start building your diagram, copying the blocks you
need where you think you need them and adjusting their positions with the arrow
keys, so that they stay on grid until the result is visually pleasant.

Opening the duplicate dialog and editing it, in place of a CTRL-C, CTRL-V, some
arrow key presses would be an overkill. Particularly if you need to place 100
objects overall from a set of 5-7 in positions you cannot exactly forecast in

Incidentally, the 100 objects is the reason why having to re-adjust their
position manually one by one is a big burden.

Now, all this is not unusual for those using LibO to design flowcharts (there
are many galleries and templates of blocks, for it), or circuits (same) or
logic circuits (same), etc.

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