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I would like it veeery much too.

I had an issue with a crash in the past and lost a big time work, and yesterday
a crash happened to my colleague and the same thing happened. 

I think that big files (Writer, Calc or anything) would have a big backup, but
a suggestion for this problem would be: backups of 10min of the past hour,
20min of the past 2 hours, 30min of the past 3 hours, hourly for the past 4, 5
and 6 hours, and, when the application is closed, the backups older than a week
will be deleted (this is because the availability proposed in the request, so
the user could navigate the already saved backups before they are deleted); it
the document is been edited for more than 7 hours, when the application is
closed these backups older than 7 hours will be deleted too.

Of course: the backups that are the same (no change in the document) will not
be generated.

i think it could be something like this on the config, where users could type
the times of selected backup frequency

| period | times (in minutes)      |
|  10min | 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60  |
|  20min | 80, 100, 120            |
|  30min | 150, 180                |
|  60min | 240, 300, 360           |

Or anything else, but at least enabled by default

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