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> When one downloads a CSV file from a MySQL host via browser, it triggers an
> LO intake form that seeks to know the delimiter and other csv parsing info.

So here we have essential information that was missing from your initial

> Here's a constant bug on my Win7 system that I have also experience on my
> Win10 system: if LO is already running -- any module -- the intake form
> appears on top of the latest instance of LO running, but NOT on top of
> everything running. 

And here's the second piece of important information - the CSV import dialog is
not displayed in focus over the top of all the other windows present in that

> Back to this particular bug: I had been editing an LO document with write,
> but had closed it. Because of the way I opened it (from a blank LO write
> document) the blank LO write doc was still alive, but buried beneath other
> apps. When I downloaded the MySQL CSV file and tried to open it, nothing
> appeared to happen. Most likely, the CSV dialog opened on the write doc, but
> I had forgotten it. I opened calc and tried to open the downloaded file
> directly from the download folder, and was promptly informed that I had a
> read-only document in use somewhere else, as I described. I opened as a
> read-only and tried to save it as an odf with a new name, and that's when LO
> got into a loop that I couldn't get out of until I restarted my computer
> ...and even then, LO thought the file was in use and made me tell it to
> proceed anyway.

> I share this not in the expectation that I will Gain Satisfaction, but
> because (1) the non-appearance on top when a CSV file is ready for parsing
> is a real and replicable bug, at least on my machine, and (2) the death
> spiral of write protection seemed to me to be something others had
> experienced, and I could help shed light. I am committed to LO, and support
> it whenever I can, and have most of my nonprofit clients using it (because
> they shouldn't waste money on Weird and Excel) and so I took time to record
> the bug, not because I think the issue is LO's "fault" but because I want LO
> to get better.

Thank you for the detailed instructions.

The non-appearance of the CSV import dialog is a known bug.

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