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The Intel driver yesterday, when I first reported the problem, was (27-Oct-2017).  I went through the steps to manually update the
driver (download and extract zip file, do Driver Update, select igdlh64.inf),
but the result was that the newest driver ( was not installed. 
Instead the new driver is (21-Dec-2017).  I don't understand
that, unless the 4901 at the end of each implies that it really is the newest.

I started Impress and enabled OpenGL rendering, and the result was the same:
several thumbnails and a couple of slides were covered with speckles, and
unless my memory is faulty, it was exactly the same thumbnails and slides as
before the driver update, not a random assortment.

In any event, I'm attaching a zip file containing information from before and
after the driver update:
System Information.nfo file (result of System Information run)
Installed Drivers (from above, for convenience, because it's a long line)
Driver (ditto)
Driver properties box (after only)

I really appreciate your help in figuring this out.

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