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Hi taiwuco,

Thank you for filing this bug report!

I was experiencing the same problem with LibreOffice 5.4.x in Debian GNU/Linux

However, I have good news!  I upgraded to LibreOffice last night
(with apt, i.e. using .deb package), and Chinese / CJK text in vertical
direction is almost perfectly positioned now!

I said "almost" because it seems that certain characters like the CJK
full-width comma ",", full-stop "。", or even the character "one" "一" is
off-centered, placed a little bit too low.  But yes, that relatively minor
issue should be filed in a separate bug (after checking it in Windows and
macOS).  But yes, I am very happy now!

So, when you've upgraded to LibreOffice 6 on your Ubuntu, please report back
whether the problem is resolved in the new version.


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