--- Comment #4 from Julien Nabet <> ---
(In reply to Massimo from comment #3)
> Only one monitor. Renaming LO profile did not change anything (new one
> created at startup, still crashing). Neither did the fact of sabling the
> only font I had added. But disabling OpenGL seems to do the job: I could
> open the file without crash.
> Strange enough, on another PC (same OS and LO versions, but much older) I do
> not get the crash. The one on which I have problems is has a couple of
> months of "age" (I can paste here the configuration, if that may help).
Thank you for your feedback!
On the pc which crashes, could you check you got the last drivers of your
graphic card? If there's some upgrade, could you do it and give a new try with
OpenGL enabled?

In both cases, if you still reproduce this, could you attach  <user
profile>/cache/opencl_devices.log ?

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