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CLCL is just running. I believe it uses hooks or some similar technique to
monitor for clipboard, keep its history and (if requested by user) bring back
one of the earlier contents into the clipboard. In my scenario I do not
actively interact with CLCL in any way, just let it do its silent work. I don't
have stable reproduction scenario, but what I generally do, is: open some
document in LibreOffice (normally, a DOC file), select some text, copy it into
clipboard, switch to another application, paste there, copy something from
there, switch back to LO and paste, copy-paste within the same LO document,
copy several times different parts of text without pasting anywhere... that
kind of thing. Sooner or later, after one of the Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V keypress LO
suddenly freezes, interface does not react to any input, and after several
seconds Windows pops up with "Application does not respond". If I wait long
enough (several minutes), it may unfreeze and continue to work normally, but
then freeze again when I try to use clipboard next time.

During the freeze, CLCL itself is also non-responding. If I was using another
application to copy from or paste to, aside from LO, that application may
freeze as well. I would have thought it the problem of CLCL, but as I described
in the first post, it happens only with LibreOffice. All the same applications
work flawlessly when no LO is running.

I'll try to run the original CLCL to check if it's going to change anything
(although I suspect it won't; all I did was just recompile the project as
Unicode instead of ANSI, and with default settings also configured to support
Unicode better).

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