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(In reply to Khaled Hosny from comment #11)
> We currently do not support variable fonts at all, any apparent support is
> accidental. For PDF generation we will definitely need to generate static
> instances of the fonts before embedded them in PDF files. Using Skia or
> pdfium or not does not change much, the static instances will need to be
> generated regardless (either by us or by the new printing backend if we ever
> have a new one).
> Pdfium isn’t currently a viable replacement IMO as the subsetter it uses
> does not handle fonts with CFF table (.otf fonts) so it will be a big
> regression for us. I don’t even think it does static instantiation of
> variable fonts.
I found Chrome made it works, here are some steps to reproduce:
1. Opening$samples/font-weight?revision=1344671
(this page availble at
2. Replace font face as Bahnschrift at the bottom
3. Click three dots on the toolbar, then click Print
4. Select PDFCreator to print.

Then I found all font weights printed as expected. So how does Chrome made the

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