--- Comment #3 from Andrew Watson <> ---
In response to Comment 2, re-tested with LO (Build ID
60bfb1526849283ce2491346ed2aa51c465abfe6), running under MacOS 10.11.6.

"View>Nonprinting characters" has been renamed "View>Formatting Marks", and no
longer affects the display of paragraphs with the hidden attribure set, so
that's a useful step forward.

Taking each of the four points in the original bug report in turn:

> 1. It should be possible to switch on inclusion of paragraphs with the Hidden 
> flag set in PDF generated with the "Export as PDF ..." command.'

There still seems to be no way to do include paragraphs with the Hidden flag
set in PDF files generated with "Export As ... PDF".

I also tested "Export As ..." for PNG and JPEG. Their behaviour is also buggy,
but in a different way: if Preferences>LibreOffice Writer>Formatting
Aids>Hidden Text is turned on, then Export As... PNG/JPEG includes the
paragraph-with-the-hidden-flag-set in the generated image. However, if
Preferences>LibreOffice Writer>Formatting Aids>Hidden Text is turned off (so
that the paragraph does not display on-screen), then the action of saving as
PNG/JPEG turns it on before generating the image. Hence, not only is there no
way of generating a PNG/JPEG that does not include the
paragraph-with-the-hidden-flag-set, but one has to re-open
Preferences>LibreOffice Writer>Formatting Aids and manually turn off the flag
again after trying (and failing) to do so.

> 2. If paragraphs with the Hidden flag set would by default be printed (i.e. 
> the Preferences>LibreOffice Writer>Print>Hidden Text flag is on), then the 
> preview displayed with File>Page Preview should show it.

It is still the case that paragraphs-with-the-hidden-flag-set never display in
Print Previews, regardless of Preference settings.

>IMO there are also two minor bugs; it would be better if:
> 3. Display of hidden text were made independent of the View>Nonprinting 
> characters setting. Surely display of non-printing characters (such as 
> Paragraph marks) is orthogonal to displaying Hidden Text?

This has been corrected - see above.

> 4. The "View>Hidden Paragraphs" option controlled the display of Paragraph 
> styles whose Hidden option is set. Under the Principle of Least Surprise, any 
> > reasonable person would refer to a Paragraph style with the Hidden flag set 
> as > a "Hidden Paragraph", and therefore expect the "View>Hidden Paragraphs" 
> option 
> to control its display.

Under LO there is no longer a "View>Hidden Paragraphs" option.

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