Bug ID: 115603
           Summary: FILESAVE: Group shape (triangle) in PPTX is shifted
                    down upon save
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: release
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Keywords: filter:ooxml
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Impress
            Blocks: 104442

Created attachment 139748
Sample PPTX

Open, save and reopen the attached PPTX having a triangle shape.

=> Triangle is shifted down.

In ppt/slides/slide1.xml, the values change upon save as follows:

<a:xfrm rot="10800000" flipH="1">
  <a:off x="1892386" y="1683327"/>
  <a:ext cx="1983423" cy="1652153"/>

<a:xfrm flipH="1" rot="10800000">
  <a:off x="2307600" y="3166560"/>
  <a:ext cx="247320" cy="83880"/>

Observed using LO / Windows 7.
In the result was worse: the shape is also shifted horizontally.

The horizontal shift got fixed by the following commit:
author          Szymon Kłos <> 2017-10-24 22:39:08
committer       Szymon Kłos <> 2017-10-26 08:02:13

PPTX export: correct position of rotated groups

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 104442] [META] OOXML shape (DrawingML and VML) related issues
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