--- Comment #9 from Kevin Suo <> ---
Just for the record, from bibisecting this bug, I now know how to bibisect
locale-dependent bugs using the bibisect repos.

The TDF bibisect repos at [1] do not include any lang-packs. 

To bibisect bugs which work good in english UI, but bad in non-english UI (like
CJKs): one should copy-paste the following files, from a release build which
has your language, to the bibisect build locations:

1. program/resource/<your_lang_tag>
2. share/registry/Langpack-<your_lang_tag>.xcd
3. share/registry/res/fcfg_langpack_<your_lang_tag>.xcd
4. share/registry/res/registry_<your_lang_tag>.xcd

The suggested language resources you should copy is the one for the same major
branch. For example, for the bibisect-linux-64-6.0 repo, I copied from

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