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(In reply to moebius20 from comment #10)
> I've reached to reproduce this bug : it seems linked with french accentuated
> letters letters.
> I've made 2 tables that are the same except that I have added accentuated
> letters in the first records and the bug appears. 
> Note that, in the report, these records appears at the end of the list
> because I've replace «o» by «ô» for example.
> So, to put these modified records at the top of the list created by the
> report, I've changed the first letter from «P» to «B» ; surprise, in this
> particular case, the bug disappears !
> I've joined demo.odb file with 3 tables and 3 reports (name are explicit).

Confirming with

Build ID: 60bfb1526849283ce2491346ed2aa51c465abfe6
Threads CPU : 8; OS : Mac OS X 10.13.3; UI Render : par défaut; 
Locale : fr-FR (fr_FR.UTF-8); Calc: group

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