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> (In reply to m.a.riosv from comment #5)
> > But hard recalc does the update [Ctrl+Shift+F9]
> Not for me, I need to change the formula (Linux/Fresh). And anyway, as long
> we do not understand webservice as an add-in functions it shouldn't depend
> on normal vs. hard recalculate.

A formula like:
works for me with [F9], because it has a valatile function like TODAY()
With autoupdate it's calculated every time some cell is modified, it's how
volatile funcitions work.

IMHO having WEBSERVICE() as volatile could make inoperable the spreedsheet when
large files/pages are retrieved. If I'm not wrong one of the main purpose of
the function is to work in combination with FILTERXLM().

Maybe having the Eike opinion will be the best.

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