Bug ID: 115668
           Summary: Improvement Suggestions for LibreOffice AutoCorrect
                    Function Word Completion and Quick Starter
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: release
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: medium
         Component: LibreOffice

Improvement Suggestions for LibreOffice Writer AutoCorrect Function Word
Completion and Quick Starter.

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Dear LibreOffice Team

I would like to suggest a few suggestions for the LibreOffice Writer, which I
would be very happy if you could fulfill them in the upcoming release.

Proposal number 1 is a revision of the "AutoCorrect Function Word Completion",
which stores words that are longer than six letters and adds them as needed.
Example: "LibreOffice", the word has more than six letters, which is why the
word completion remembers the word and saves it for a new need. The second time
you need to write only "Libr" and the word extension proposes "LibreOffice"
before and pressing the Enter key is "LibreOffice" in the text.

I come now to my suggestion, because the word supplement also remembers words
that occur only once in the text, so that words that occur more often in the
text and much more typed are not even suggested first, which I think is a pity
because I have this Use the function daily. The word supplement needs to be
further developed so that it remembers words that occur more often in the text
than once and then never again. In addition, the word completion remembers
spelling mistakes or typos, such as "Sie geht heute nach Hause. Er geht nach
Hause." If you hit "Zuhause" now, the word "Zuhause." Suggests what's no
advantage, because it's grammatically wrong, as well also words with numbers
are wrong. For example, one wanted to write "verlassen" but instead one
accidentally "verliert" remembering the word completion, even though it is
completely wrong, and yet the wrong word is always suggested first.

I offer that the word completion be reprogrammed, that the word completion will
not remember any words with dots, hyphens, typos and spelling errors, because
nobody needs words like "Zuhause .", "Auto" Cellar, example. Verlie0en, gro0
"Der Bindestrich sollte auch beim Wortzusatz ignoriert werden, wenn die Wörter
dort enden, denn Wörter wie" sick, police and fire trucks "are abbreviations in
the German language because they would not have to write out and rather become
themselves That's why I ask that the word supplement no longer suggests this in
the future.

That was my first suggestion.

Proposal number 2 is a memory issue when a document is closed. LibreOffice has
the function that it starts with the start of the PC, which I like very much,
which makes my documents load faster, but when I close my document, it stays in
memory forever, which is very annoying because My documents consume 2.6 GB of
RAM, which I can only recover if the Task Manager completely exits LibreOffice,
which also stops LibreOffice's quick-start and thus loses its advantage. I ask
that when closing a document, the RAM released back to the system without me
even have to finish the task.

That was my second suggestion.

Proposal number 3 is about the performance of LibreOffice Writer. I write
documents that have over 600 thousand words and are over 700 pages long, which
causes the writer to lose performance and no longer run smoothly, even
sometimes threatening to crash if I try to find spelling mistakes with the
spell checker, which takes ten to fifteen minutes Because of the size of the
document, even though I have a power PC and the CPU gets bored, LibreOffice is
not usable at all during the spellchecker, which prevents me from reading or
editing another document.

The performance has to be improved somehow, so this does not happen. It is very
annoying when LibreOffice crashes during the process, because the spell checker
does not follow and you have to start over again because it could not be saved.

That was my third suggestion. 

I come now to two requests, which I would be happy if they appear in the
upcoming version, the first is the request that there is a function, which
LibreOffice stops remembering the last open documents, which I personally do
not want because I share my PC and therefore everyone can see what I've been
working on recently.

My last request is the table function in the Writer, which defaults to the
English language, although LibreOffice was installed in German, which means I
always have to change the language to German by hand, so that spelling errors
in the German language are checked and not the English, which is not

Thank you for your attention and look forward to the upcoming releases of

Yours sincerely, J. Schulte

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