--- Comment #4 from Justin L <> ---
This is a challenging bug. The problem is that for unidentified reasons, 
PROP_NUMBERING_RULES are written directly into the paragraph. But there are no
identifying marks on PROP_NUMBERING_RULES - so it is impossible to tell whether
they came from numId=1/WWNum1 and thus whether one or the other is redundant.

This is complicated by the fact that Heading X is treated differently by LO - a
secret "Outline" list style is used by Tools->Chapter Numbering which on docx
import can only be associated with Heading X.

I think that PROP_NUMBERING_RULES ought to be replaced by
PROP_NUMBERING_STYLE_NAME in most cases. Attempting this led to a lot of failed
unit tests however.  PROP_NUMBERING_RULES existed already in OOo.

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