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I did not have a problem in Writer or Draw.
Only in Calc i could suddenly not navigate to the cells with the cursor keys

That's the reason i opened this bug - everything was fine before for years and
then this problem occurs.

This functionality was added to Libreoffice - that's a good idea.
The problem is that this functionality can only be controlled with the scroll
lock key.
When this key is not working (because the desktop system does not support it
correct) then the behaviour can't be controlled.
In my case the cursor keys are not working as usual in the past.

So from the point of view of the user the software is not working any more as
before (-> bug).

The additional functionality is fine, but there should be a possibility to
switch the scroll behaviour if the scroll lock key is not supported.
This can be done with a global configuration as suggested in bug 112876, or in
a more convenient way in the menu or button like other functionalities.

Is there any more to say?

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