--- Comment #5 from Tobias Bernard <> ---
Hi, Tobias from GNOME here.

CSD are most useful when they allow placing window controls and other interface
elements in the same bar. That's the approach we take with GNOME apps. We have
a widget in GTK called header bar, which automatically places window controls
on the left/right side depending on system settings, so application authors
don't have to deal with this.

I think when the Notebookbar is enabled, LibreOffice could relatively easily
use GNOME-style CSD, by simply adding the window controls to the left/right of
the top bar. This approach could also work on macOS and Windows (in fact, MS
Office on macOS already does something very similar). One challenge is assuring
that there is always some empty space to the left or right of the Notebookbar
tabs, so users can move the window easily.

I've attached some very rough concepts of how the CSD solution I'm describing
could look on GNOME and macOS. I imagine this would be easily adaptable to the
style on other systems (e.g. by having three buttons on the right on Windows).

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