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author  Armin Le Grand <>  2017-07-21 17:34:40 +0200
committer       Armin Le Grand <>  2017-07-28 17:51:56
commit  bc47d7138a8d8dd239831a38bb2eca9db13addb6 (patch)
tree    8108764902d60d5d34eea60ba64caf7b7e1a7c2c
parent  e32c12a444e5bd0c6735db8e8008340c29a7e25e (diff)
borderline: first versionj with line end adaptions
Added usage of defined extensions to the BorderLinePrimitive,
also added a first version to detect all cuts with adjacent
borders and produce the correct extensions, for single and
double lines. Not completely happy with it, but a first

Bisected with: bibisect-linux64-6.0

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