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I'm sorry, I think the problem is not due to a change of version.

I don't know how, obviously, and I don't kwon when, but sometimes when I reopen
a file the formulas have changed by adding the sheet name before any cell

I reproduced the problem many times during my life, in many Libre Office
Currently, I'm using in Ubuntu 16.04.3 but the problem also happened to
me under Windows in many versions.

And this problem happens to me suddenly and twice a month at least (every day I
work with many spreadsheet files)
It seems a silly question, but when happens, the reading and tracking of the
formulas becomes very complicated.

My "solution" is always find the name of sheet and replace by nothing but when
the file has many sheets it's heavy and annoying. Quite annoying, certainly.

I will appreciate reopen the bug in order to find a final solution.

Thank you.

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