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Hi, OpenBSD ports dev here.

The reporter is confused about how the mechanism works on recent OpenBSD. W+X
mappings are rejected unless an executable has OPENBSD_WXNEEDED in the ELF
program header. Executables marked in this way will always get EPERM
immediately at startup unless the filesystem holding them was mounted with the
"wxallowed" flag.

I haven't investigated this (and to be honest don't have time to do so at
present) but if LibreOffice itself is doing shadow mappings (USE_DOUBLE_MMAP),
it's quite possible that the flag is set due to use of Java (the normal method
of getting the flag set is by a linker flag, and in ports the standard method
is to use a wrapper "ld" script to add the flag, so all executables from that
port will be so marked).

In any event simply disabling wxallowed on the mount point is not giving any
useful information, it is guaranteed that a program linked in this way will
fail to start. A proper test would be to build without setting the linker flag
and then see what (if anything) fails.

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