--- Comment #13 from Howard Johnson <> ---
I think any new LO version should avoid breaking the end user platform.

As LO is improved, we already work hard to not break the underlying API.

To the end user, their API is their entire LO platform, including settings,
customization, and history.

So with any major version upgrade I think it's quite reasonable for users to
expect no less than the following:

1) First, the existing version is left 100% intact.

2) Then the user is asked:  How do you want to create the new version's
configuration, settings, etc?

  a) Fresh - abandon prior customizations, e.g. BASIC code, menu
reorganizations, configuration settings, etc., and install a fresh LO, OR..

  b) Copy & Adjust - Copying the older version's settings, and automatically
converting (as much as is possible) into the new version's format.

As much as is possible Copy & Adjust should at a minimum include keeping:

* Any BASIC code
* Any MENU additions and re-organizations
* Any option settings
* Any customization settings
* Any history

Finally, and IMPORTANTLY, Where this is not possible, or not completely
possible, the user should be provided a written list of what is not possible to
carry forward, and what might have to be manually fixed.

If #2 above can't be done (or not yet), then I think any new version releases
should be held back until this can be properly done.

We risk loosing our user base.

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