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author  Mark Hung <>   2018-02-04 23:45:09 +0800
committer       Mark Hung <>   2018-02-13 13:26:14 +0100
commit  3c1bfd952b7cf6b07b4d862e048146a9d245ec26 (patch)
tree    43f3bfa67ea90ee46be9eeb759e9b8531bb4c9fb
parent  a4e0d20c7eff8b053ec754b0a4b89dcb26636bf5 (diff)
docx: output ruby attributes properly.
Enclose ruby with run, output hps, hpsBaseText, hpsRaise, etc,
,make the size and script correct as much as possible. The
ruby format in docx can be round-tripped now, so it is moved to

Change-Id: I03797be54aeffeff016011ad8ec536cecf40064f
Tested-by: Jenkins <>
Reviewed-by: Mark Hung <>

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