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What I like in the current implementation is that I can see ALL keys that are
assigned to a command--not only the new assigned/edited one but also the other
already assigned keys. The mockup seems to copy the toolbar customization where
only one command can be edited.

Also an additional command--to make possible what Heiko suggested in bug 115052
comment 3--can be inserted to assign a key also by pressing it instead of
clicking through some lists.

What are the other items of the selection list where "Function keys" is shown
as first item? Should the key list kept short with a list for function keys, a
second list of modifier1 keys, a third list of modifier2 keys, etc.? I
personally like the possibility to see all keys and assigned commands in a
single list to scroll here and there without having to click at something and
without loosing any change I made meanwhile when looking around.

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