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I'm doubly confused now.

LibreOffice on one of my laptops displays my theme, without me doing
Literally, all I had to do was toss header.png, footer.png, and preview.png
into ~/users/gallery/Persona/ .

LibreOffice on my other laptop, will only display a theme from
firefox's repository. NO amount of fiddling with exerpt configuration menu,
xcus, etc. will persuade it display local persona.

Build ID: 60bfb1526849283ce2491346ed2aa51c465abfe6
CPU threads: 2; OS: Linux 4.7; UI render: default; VCL: gtk2; 
Locale: en-ZA (en_US.UTF-8); Calc: group
Both laptops are using the same build #, etc.  

I'm running the same version of the same Linux distro (^1) on both laptops. As
far as I can tell, the only difference between the laptops is that one is
configured for South Africa, and the other is configured for the United States.
(They both should be configured for South Africa.)

^1: I'm using either AntiX or MKLinux with an Xfce desktop.

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