Timur <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Priority|medium                      |low
            Version|3.5.0 release               |3.3.0 release
            Summary|Find and Replace ‘italic’   |Find and Replace ‘italic’
                   |brings faulty results or    |finds non-existing style
                   |hangs LO.                   |italic and Replace All
                   |                            |hangs LO (heap_corruption)
                   |                            |in ODT where text copied
                   |                            |with styles

--- Comment #10 from Timur <> ---
Writer from LO version 3.3 finds wrong italic that's not really italic in "Twee
blokjes" and "zitten goed, en de twee andere moeten worden verwisseld. Draai
dan Y U en ga naar 4.3"
That text is <text:span text:style-name="T12">. 
But that text style name T12 doesn't exist. Looks like copied wrong with styles
instead of text-only. 
Messy document. I set importance as Low.

Replace All hangs LO (heap_corruption). 

BTW, ‘Italic, normal’ seems to be just italic. ‘Italic, bold’ is bold italic.

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