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(In reply to Ole Tange from comment #19)
>> * Simplicity
> Why is it not _a_ use case to see all the fonts?

The user story would be "Benjamin wants to get an overview as he don't know
what fonts are installed on the current system" and this is more up to the font
management tool than to the word processor.

>> * Start from sidebar and withing dialogs doesnt work
> Can you provide a screenshot of an example where you cannot envision this
> will work?

Just open the character dialog. Or think of the sidebar. Put the font name
combobox somewhere at the bottom.

>> * Keyboard only usage not simple
> In total 6 keypresses - including writing 'Mont'.

Sure, you can enter the font name. But wouldn't the user expect to select with
"Mo" and cursor down?

Your solution would suit the third option in this recent post about
improvements for font listing
and we discussed it respectively. But the nobody was really thrilled by your

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